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If you would like your doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional to have ongoing access to your current glucose data, follow the instructions below. Once your account is successfully linked to the correct healthcare practice account, your health professional will automatically have access to your glucose data each time you upload your glucose monitor to the LibreView system.

Step 1 Request your doctor’s “Practice ID”

A Practice ID is a code with 8-16 characters that is unique to your healthcare professional’s LibreView account. It’s generated after your healthcare professional enables the Practice feature in their account.

Ask your health professional to give you their LibreView Practice ID so that you can link accounts (If they don’t know their LibreView Practice ID, it can be found in the Practice Info area when they log into their LibreView account).

Step 2 Open the side menu

Log into your LibreView account and click the navigation icon in the upper right to open the side menu.

Step 3 Click ‘Account Settings’

Click the Account Settings link.

Step 4 Click the ‘My Practices’ tab

Click the My Practices tab.

Step 5 Enter practice ID and click ‘Add’

Enter your health professional’s Practice ID in the field provided and click the Add button.

You should see your provider’s healthcare practice or clinic name appear in your practice list on this screen. This means you have successfully linked accounts, and your healthcare professional now has access to all your glucose uploads.*

You can link your account to multiple practices. You can also remove a practice at any time by clicking the red Remove link.

*The patient version of the LibreView system only works with Abbott Diabetes Care glucose monitors and the FreeStyle LibreLink mobile app. The FreeStyle LibreLink app is not available everywhere LibreView is released.

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