Delete My Account


If you are not planning to use your LibreView account in the future and would like to delete it, go to your Account Settings and click Delete Account.

Step 1 Open the side menu

Log in to your LibreView account and click the navigation icon in the upper right to open the side menu.

Step 2 Click ‘Account Settings’

Click the Account Settings link.

Step 3 Click ‘Delete Account’

Click the link toward the bottom of the screen that says Delete Account.

Step 4 Confirm ‘Delete Account’

You will be asked to confirm whether you would like to delete your account. When you confirm this step, your account will be deleted. This means that you will no longer be able to log in to LibreView to upload your glucose data or access your reports.

Important: If you use the FreeStyle LibreLink mobile app* to monitor your glucose, deleting your account in the LibreView system means you will no longer be able to use the app.

* FreeStyle Libre and FreeStyle LibreLink may not be available everywhere LibreView is released.

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