Create One Report From Multiple Meters


If you use more than one glucose monitoring device to check your glucose, you can create reports that combine data from all your devices. Upload glucose data from each device, then check the Available Meters screen to make sure all your glucose monitors are active (not hidden) before you create reports.

Note for FreeStyle Libre and FreeStyle LibreLink* users: The LibreView system uses only data from the device that was last used to scan your sensor. Go to the Available Meters window to choose which device to pull data from. Follow the steps below to open the Available Meters window.

Step 1 Open your glucose history screen

Log in to your LibreView account to access your glucose history screen.

Step 2 Click ‘View Full Reports’

From your glucose history screen, click the green button that says View Full Reports.

Step 3 Select meters

From the Available Meters window, make sure all the meters you would like to include in your reports have the “green eye” symbol in the Show/Hide column.

Different types of meters may generate different report sets. Choose one meter from the list as the Primary Meter. This will determine which types of reports you’re able to generate; data from the other meters will be included in those reports where relevant.

Meal Insulin Reports Basic Reports
FreeStyle InsuLinx X
Other blood glucose meters X

When you’re done making your selections, click Done. After a moment you should see a new set of reports with data from all the meters you selected.

* FreeStyle Libre and FreeStyle LibreLink may not be available everywhere LibreView is released.

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