Change Target Ranges


You can make changes to your Target Range, Low Glucose and/or High Glucose Thresholds while viewing your Glucose Reports or in the Report Preferences in the Settings Menu.

Follow the steps below to make the changes in your Glucose Reports:

Step 1: Upload your glucose data

If you are not sure how to upload from your glucose monitor, follow these instructions: Upload a Glucose Device.

Note: If you use FreeStyle LibreLink to monitor your glucose, your data is automatically uploaded to LibreView every time you scan your FreeStyle Libre sensor.

Step 2: Review your glucose history

In your My Glucose section, your glucose history will be displayed in chronological order. By default, your glucose histories are displayed in 2-week periods.

Step 3: View your glucose reports

From the My Glucose section, click the Glucose Reports button to create custom reports you can print and save as PDFs.

Step 4: Open Report Settings

Click on the Report Settings button at the bottom of the viewer.

Step 5: Set the target range

From this window, adjust the Target Range that you would like to set for this report set.

Note: You will only be able to set your targets according to the minimum and maximum allowable ranges for your device.Target Range and Threshold changes will not affect the CGM Glucose Pattern Summary report. This report may not be available for your country.

Step 6: Save Customizations

When you’ve made all your report changes, click the Save button to view your reports with your new settings.

You can learn how to adjust these settings and more in Report Preferences.

* FreeStyle Libre and FreeStyle LibreLink may not be available everywhere LibreView is released.

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