Change Report Date Ranges


To change the date range on glucose reports, open the Report Settings panel on the detailed reports screen, then set an end date and a timeframe.

Step 1 Upload your glucose data

If you are not sure how to upload from your glucose monitor, follow the instructions for your particular device: Upload From a Glucose Meter

Step 2 Click ‘View Full Reports’

From your glucose history screen, click the View Full Reports button.

Step 3 Click ‘Report Settings’

Now you should see a screen with your detailed reports. Click the Report Settings button to open a panel with all your report settings.

Step 4 Select your end date

Choose an end date from the drop-down menu provided. (If you choose Last Upload your report will show the most recent data available.)

Step 5 Edit timeframes for each individual report

The default timeframe for reports is two weeks, but you can choose a different timeframe for each individual report by clicking the dropdown menu on that report.

Step 6 Click ‘Generate Reports’

When you’ve made all your report selections, click the Generate Reports button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

You should see a new set of reports with your chosen date range.

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