Change Pre/Post Meal Targets


When you create glucose reports, you may want to customize some of the default settings to match goals you and your healthcare professional have set for you. To change the pre-meal or post-meal targets that appear in the Mealtime Patterns report, open your Report Settings and click the blue Edit link on Mealtime Patterns.

Note: The Mealtime Patterns report is only available for people using the FreeStyle InsuLinx meter.
Step 1 Upload your glucose data

If you are not sure how to upload from your glucose monitor, follow the instructions for your particular device: Upload From a Glucose Meter

Step 2 Click ‘View Full Reports’

From your glucose history screen, click the View Full Reports button.

Step 3 Click ‘Report Settings’

Now you should see a screen with your detailed reports. Click the Report Settings tab near the bottom of the screen to open a panel with all your report settings.

Step 4 Click the blue ‘Edit’ link on Mealtime Patterns

When your Report Settings panel is open, you should see all the reports available to you. On the Mealtime Patterns report, click the blue Edit link.

Step 5 Enter correct targets and click ‘Save’

ake your edits to the Pre-meal Target Range and Post-meal Target Range and click Done.

Step 6 Click ‘Generate Reports’

When you’ve made all your report selections, click the Generate Reports button on the lower right.

You will see a new set of reports with your new settings.

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