Change Email/Password


After you set up your LibreView Account, you can make changes to your account information as needed. To change or view your account settings, log in to your LibreView Account, open the Settings Menu, and click on Account Settings.

Step 1: Open the Settings Menu

Click the three blue lines to open your Settings Menu.

Step 2: Click Account Settings

Click the Account Settings. You will be placed in your Profile section.

Step 3: Click the Change email or Change password link

Click the link below the field you would like to edit.

Step 4: Make your updates

To update to your email address, enter the new email address and enter your current password to Save.

To update your password, enter your current password and your new password twice to Save.

Step 5: Verify your Email

If you made an update to your email address, you will need to verify your email address to complete the change.

Note: If you use FreeStyle LibreLink* to monitor your glucose, remember that changing your email or password in LibreView also changes the credentials you use to log in to the app.

* FreeStyle Libre and FreeStyle LibreLink may not be available everywhere LibreView is released.

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