Change Email/Password


To change your email address or password, log in to your LibreView account, go to Account Settings, then click the Profile tab and make your changes.

Step 1 Open the side menu

Click the navigation icon in the upper right to open the side menu.

Step 2 Click ‘Account Settings’

Click the Account Settings link.

Step 3 Click the ‘Change email’ or ‘Change password’ link

From the Profile tab, click the blue link below the field you would like to edit.

Make your edits and click ‘Save’

Any changes you make will be saved to your account.

Important: If you use the FreeStyle LibreLink mobile app* to monitor your glucose, remember that changing your email or password in the LibreView system also changes the credentials you use to log in to the app.

* FreeStyle Libre and FreeStyle LibreLink may not be available everywhere LibreView is released.

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